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Most typical, epic Malaysians reactions to a tornado in KL!

1. Instagrammers will take the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to take 'selfies' with the tornado. Facebook users will give their 'Likes' to 'help' those in need.

2. Malaysians will be skeptical about the tornado. "Really meh? True or not?" These are just a few things they would say before continuing with their mega sale shopping or 'mamak' session.

3. Buy one free one wau. Malaysians will also be so pro at flying kites, we'll make it into the Malaysian Book of Records. "Biggest Wau Flying Event In Malaysia And Some Say Asia."

4. Mamaks will cook up tornadoes in the kitchen to be sold at premium price: Tornado thosai, sup Tornado, Tornado tandoori, Tornado goreng tambah pedas, boss!

5. Some Malaysians will complain because they can't watch their favourite TV shows on their cable network

6. "Tomorrow got public holiday ah?"

7. Malaysians will stock up on everything imaginable - pails, sugar, rice, face masks, reverse osmosis water, etc. "Just in case."

8. Haze will no longer be an issue as the tornado will vacuum all the smog away. Hurray!

9. Raja Bomoh will be making an appearance again. This time with bigger coconuts to weigh him down just in case the tornado sweeps him away.

10. Malaysian traffic will come to a standstill, some will be slowing down to see what number plates the tornado has destroyed so that they can bet on that 'lucky' number

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  1. assalamualaikum.. datang ziarah nak beraya =D salam lebarann =)

  2. salam ukhuwah dari saya..salam lebaran :)


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