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That Abandoned Building Near Your Home Might Not Be What You Think It Is

Have you ever wondered if there were more to that deserted building or even that haunted forest? What if it were actually a top secret superhero hideout?

For example, it sounds fishy that the refurbishment works of the Gap Rest House near Fraser's Hill was abruptly stopped. The abandoned facade could just be a cover to keep people away.

  • The colonial mansion known as The Gap Rest House near Fraser's Hill has been abandoned for years. It was meant to be refurbished, but work mysteriously stopped as it neared completion. The mansion is huge enough for planning super secret missions, and the neglected facade provides the perfect cover. The Culture and Tourism Ministry say the refurbishment were cancelled because vandals had been stealing things from the construction works. Vandals? Or a superhero protecting his hideout?

The bumps and creaks you hear in the supposedly haunted Penang War Museum could be the sound of social justice

  • Dedicated to those who served and died defending the country, the Penang War Museum bears true to a superhero's philosophy. Built over 20 acres of land, this historical fortress has all the facilities a superhero needs: underground military tunnels, ammunition bunkers, logistic centre, canon firing bays, sleeping quarters, and medical infirmary. National Geography tagged the Penang War Museum as one of Asia's most haunted site, but the bumps and creaks you hear might not be supernatural beings. It could be the sound of social justice.

The Dark Cave of Life provides the perfect darkness to hide a superhero, his super gadgets and super mobile

  • Hidden behind the iconic Batu Caves is the Dark Cave. Turn off your flashlight in the Dark Cave and you will get the perfect darkness. No matter how long you allow your eyes to adjust, all you will see is total darkness. Pitch black. Total darkness in a cave that is at least 100 million years old, surrounded by bats, fossils, tunnels and caverns, need we say more?

Under a bridge along the Klang River seems like an unlikely hideout, but it give easy access for a superhero to help the poor and homeless

  • Sort of like a Robin Hood of our time, the superhero who lurks under the bridge along the Klang River keeps himself close to the poor, the homeless, and helpless. He makes sure they are safe from the evil of the night, and drops them packets of medicine when they are sick. When no one is looking, the superhero activates the button where a tube would rise from the bottom of the river, breaking the surface of the water. He would then jump into the tube and slide all the way down to his super secret dungeon under the river bed, hidden from the sight of mankind.

The highest point of Peninsular Malaysia, the peak of Gunung Tahan, is the perfect vantage point to monitor criminal activities around the nation

  • Located on Banjaran Titiwangsa, the backbone of Malaysia, Gunung Tahan is the highest point of Peninsular Malaysia. The peak provides the perfect vantage point to monitor criminal activities that are happening all around the Peninsular. It is not easy to spot the superhero's hideout as it is hidden amongst the thick foliage. But, it is easy for him to spot your criminal activities using his superhero telescope even if you are all the way in Singapore.

The underground tunnel below Times Square did not just collapsed on its own, there could have been a battle between good and evil beneath our feet

  • There are tunnels underneath the streets of Kuala Lumpur. Not just the Smart Tunnel, but also super secret tunnels away from the traffic jam for the superhero to swiftly arrive at crime hotspots in KL before the police. They say the sinkhole at the Jalan Imbi-Jalan Pudu intersection was caused by construction works and a broken SYABAS pipe, but think again. There could have been a massive battle between evil and good in those underground tunnels.

Things might not be what they seem. The next time you see an abandoned construction building or an eerie dense jungle, think again of what, or who, could be lurking in the shadows.


  • Sources say four superheroes are here and could be anywhere in Malaysia. They are known as the Leonardo, Donatello, Michelangelo, and Raphael. Look for their hideout using the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Facebook app here.

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