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11 Awesome Moms And Dads Who Have Got This Whole Parenting Thing Figured Out

Nils pickert

1. This father lets his son ride on a donkey while he walks for 5 hours into the mountains to a remote school in Gulu, China

2. Since 2008, David LaFerriere has been surprising his kids by drawing on the sandwich bags he packs in their school lunches

3. Nurlina Mohd Yusuf and Khairul Syafiq Azmi want to donate one eye each to their baby boy whose eyes are impaired so that he can see the world

4. When Garth Callaghan was diagnosed with cancer, he pledged to write 826 napkin notes for his daughter to read everyday until she graduates from high school

5. Daniel Hashimoto gave his son "real" superhero powers

6. To get her fussy children to eat right, Samantha Lee created playful story-themed lunch boxes that got her kids excited for food

7. This father shamelessly put on Little Red Riding Hood's dress so his little girl can be the wolf

8. Mike Carey made his wheelchair-bound daughter Kenzie Carey the happiest girl when he went on stage and danced with her to Miley Cyrus's The Climb at a pageant

9. Debby Elnatan invented this device so she could take walks with her son who has cerebral palsy

10. Nils Pickert's son prefers wearing skirts and dresses instead of pants. Instead of forcing him to wear pants, the father started wearing skirts as well to support the boy's decision.

11. Bryan Martin gave his daughter the most thoughtful high school graduation gift: “Every year, for the past 13 years, since the day you started kindergarten I’ve gotten every teacher, coach, and principal to write a little something about you inside this book.”

The true love of a parent knows no bounds. To our selfless mothers and fathers who have protected, loved and nurtured us in your own unique way, thank you.


  1. mom and dad will do anything to their children :")

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  3. rasa macam dah korban banyak untuk anak tetapi bila baca kisah ni. Rupanya diluar sana. ibubapa lebih bapa berkornan untuk anak-anak mereka

    Terima Kasih atas perkongsian

  4. Ibu bapa sanggup berkorban untuk anak-anaknya. Amat sedih jika anak-anak masih lagi tak menghargainya..


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