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Makanan Favorite Rakyat Malaysia

From "Sup Gearbox" to durian coffee, Malaysians are the best when it comes to diverse creations.
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1. Sup gearbox. Made from the bone marrow of a cow, the name is given due to the resemblance of a car's gearbox. The soup is rich, flavourful and is usually served with a straw.

2. ABC. Malaysians love their dessert and often have difficulty choosing what to eat. So why not mix them into one? Kidney beans, corn, groundnuts, grass jelly, 'attap chee', gula melaka, sarsi syrup, red syrup...

3. Milo cincau. Just imagine, a chocolate malt drink with the sweet goodness of grass jelly. Yum!

4. Sup torpedo. For the adventurous, this soup is special, made from a bull's reproductive system and is said to be an aphrodisiac.

5. Michael Jackson. What is a Michael Jackson? A reference to the hit song "Black and White", it's basically just grass jelly with soy bean.

6. Maggi curry ayam + Milo. Who would have thought a favourite Malaysian drink would go so well with a favourite Malaysian meal!

7. Rojak. You can't have a rojak list without including rojak. Rojak literally means a mixture. A mixture of what? From the fruits, the vegetables, to the peanuts, and topped with the sauce. Anything!

8. Fried porridge. You're probably thinking, how can porridge be fried? It can and it tastes delicious!

9. Durian coffee. What's better than an aromatic coffee? A more aromatic coffee. Now no one can blame you for not being Malaysian enough.

10. Mee murtabak. This weird combination combines a typical mamak dish with noodles. The result? A noodle pancake that is sinful and tasty.

11. Chocolate + cili padi ice cream. If there's one thing Malaysians love the most, it's their chilli. So much so that we would incorporate it in our ice cream. Would you try it?


  1. Sup torpedo, durian kopi dan aiskrim coklat + cili padi belum pernah rasa lagi...cam takut nk makan...

  2. semua ni sodap-sodaplah, cuma sup torpedo je mugkin belum lagi teringin...

  3. aik..takde pun gambar cendol.


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