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12 Of Intel Pentium's Biggest Successes From Past To Present

In celebration of intelligence beyond excellence.
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1. Remember your first PC? Intel had lots to do with that. In 1981, Intel's 16-bit microprocessor was put into IBM's first mass-produced PC. In other words, Intel had a monumental contribution towards giving us our first PC!

2. In 1993, while the world was already in love with the Internet and its magical abilities, PCs lacked the smartness and speed to truly reciprocate the same feeling in that era. Intel changed that with the launch of its exclusive Pentium brand of microprocessors.

3. When you played good ol' games like Doom and Wing Commander, it was Pentium once again which was powering up your ammo and health behind the scenes!

4. Did you know how Intel decided on the Pentium name? It had all to do with the trouble in trademarking the next numerical progression of Intel's successor to the 486 line. The name Pentium comes from 'Pente' meaning five and Latin suffix '-ium'.

5. Heard that 'dum-da-DUM' sound in the video above? That's the 'Intel Bong', a three-second audio mnemonic that helped Intel become one of the most recognisable brands! Watch a crazy version here:

6. The Intel Pentium Pro Processor has one of the highest gold contents of any mainstream CPU package to date!

7. Intel has been assisting Dr. Stephen Hawking, one of the greatest minds of modern times, with the ability to communicate since 1997. Intel's work with Hawking is part of its broader research into smart gadgets as well as assistive technologies for the elderly.

8. Your struggles in 1998 of multi-tasking between a game, your assignment, music and chatting were gone when the first consumer dual-core processor was produced (the Pentium IV Extreme Edition 840).

9. The invention of Pentium made it easy for Intel to bring computing to the developing markets and to the people who couldn't afford higher-end PCs

10. Pentium is one of Intel's biggest successes and the Pentium IV processors, till today, has the highest clock speeds of any consumer processors. Just imagine a Ferrari speeding through its competition. Boom!

11. Penang is home to Intel's largest manufacturing test team outside the US!

12. Malaysia not only manufactures Pentium chips, our local engineers also design and develop Intel products and platforms!

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