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1. What is the show about?
Make The Pitch is a TV reality show that is looking for innovative ideas from Malaysian entrepreneurs. If the panel of investors is convinced of your idea, they will personally invest in your business and help you to achieve your dreams.

2. Where can I find out more about the show?
Go to our website, www.myeg.com.my/makethepitch to find out more details about the show or come to our on-ground auditions that will be held in various locations around Malaysia in July 2011.

3. Who are eligible to enter?
Individuals aged 18 above that have a registered company in their name. Registered Societies, NGOs or Associations are also eligible; but they must have an innovative idea for their organization and represented by a person that is capable of creating change from within the said organization.

4. How do I enter Make The Pitch?
Complete the online entry form at www.myeg.com.my/makethepitch or walk-in to our on-ground auditions at various locations around Malaysia in July 2011. Applications are open from 1 July 2011 to 27 July 2011.An evaluation panel will review and assess all applications.

The panel's decision is final. Shortlisted online applicants will be contacted via phone calls to attend at least one of the on-ground auditions to be held around Malaysia. Alternatively, interested participants who walk in to our auditions venue will be given a chance to pitch their ideas directly to the panelists.

5. What are the facilities provided at the venue for my audition?
A projector, a projector screen, an easel, tables and chairs will be provided at the venue. But we won't stop you from bringing your own equipment if you feel it is necessary. However, to avoid any technical complications, we advise bringing your own projection cords or adapters for your laptops. Oh - and don't forget to bring your own laptops. Please also bring a softcopy and a hardcopy of your presentation; and a sample of your product (if available). Please note the panelists have the right to interrupt or stop you at any time during your pitch.

6. What happens after the on-ground auditions?
After all the on-ground auditions, the panelists will shortlisted as the top contestants. They will then be invited to a recording session where they will have to pitch their ideas to a panel of potential investors. If the panel deems the contestant's idea as potentially viable, they will offer a marketing task and seed money to create a campaign to push their idea to the public. Shortlisted contestants that have been given the seed money will then be invited back for another round of pitching where they can potentially receive the full amount of investment requested for their idea.

7. What is the prize?
Businesses with the most outstanding innovative idea can potentially receive their requested amount of money in exchange for a percentage share or equity in their company.

8. How is Make The Pitch funding entrepreneurs' dreams?
A group of investors who have committed to help out budding new entrepreneurs execute their innovative ideas have been identified and these investors will be the ones investing their own money in the entrepreneur's company.

9. What happens after I win?
If you are successful in pitching your idea to the panel of investors, you will be furnished with the contact details of the investors for further follow-up with them after the show. The production team is not liable to arrange for post-show meetings between contestants and investors. However, the production team may contact you in the later future to film your progress & success.

10. What are my commitments to Make The Pitch as a contestant?
You will be required to attend the recording of Make The Pitch in September 2011 (Dates will be informed later). The production team will contact you for interviews & filming. Your story & progress will be filmed for the show's content. Please note failure to attend any of the recording days will disqualify you from the show.

11. When will Make The Pitch be aired on television?
The season premiere of Make The Pitch will be on 12 October 2011, every Wednesday, 8.30pm to 9.30pm on ntv7.

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