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Jom Cuba Nasib Jommm Campaign DetailsTitle: Oral B Supernova 3

Campaign Name:
Oral B Supernova 3

Video Submission Deadline:
17 April 2014

Campaign Period:
28 April 2014 to 31 May 2014

You Will earn:
RM0.50 for each complete play of the video that is shown on your ad unit (this rate applies to Glitterati members only).

As this is a first of its kind Campaign, we understand that many of our Nuffnangers have questions about this campaign. Here is a summary of what to do:

1. Record a short video (approx. 10 seconds) based on the brief given in your Blogbuster tab.
2. Upload your video in the space provided. You may upload up to 5 videos.
3. If your video(s) is chosen for the campaign, it will be shown on the ad displayed on your blog. Kindly note that if your video(s) is not chosen, the ad will not show up on your blog.
4. Please note that approved videos will be compressed and branding may be added to the end depending on the requirements of the campaign.

For more information about the campaign, just login to your Nuffnang Dashboard and click on the additional tab titled "Blogbuster" under "Services".

If you have any further quetions regarding this Blogbuster campaign, please write in to our Helpdesk. Kindly take note of the submissions deadline, and we look forward to your submission!

Campaign background:
People think that Oral care is not their priority. People are not taking care of their oral care as much as they do for other personal health. People don’t realize their mouth does a lot of things for them on a daily basis.

Product Highlights:
Oral B Pro-Flex toothbrush removes up to 93 percent of hard-to-reach plaque

For more information:
Video reference – (Lisa Surihani Video and FB App)https://apps.facebook.com/oralbrethink/?fb_source=search&ref=ts&fref=ts

Who can make their friends “voice it out” first in 15sec?
-Relate the video with Lisa’s FB App, make it as a challenge/prove/experiment.
Record a video:
- Bloggers saw FB App and Lisa says “garlic is the bad breath king”.
- Bloggers challenge and eat a lot of garlic/petai/local favourite stinky
food then purposely walk close to friends and talk non-stop, just to
make their friends feel nausea/smelly of the garlic smell.
- Until the friend couldn’t stay with it anymore and complaint: “Why
didn’t you brush your teeth or why your mouth stinky etc!?”.
- After all, bloggers show it’s actually an experiment and agree to the FB
App to #ReThinkYourMouth.
-Bloggers to encourage readers to rethink what have you done to protect your mouth and see what Lisa says – FB App.

Video to be with an Oral B end tag.

Your video should also include the below message, and this message should appear for at least 3 secs (either in text or speech):
ReThink Your Mouth today and give your mouth the best oral protection!

Big Idea:

Rethink your mouth!
-Make them realize that mouth plays an important role in a day to day life but currently limited care was given to oral care

Do not wear any red and green coloured clothings.
No product placement required in the video.
Do not show any competitor brands in the video.
Pro Expert Antibacterial Flouride Toothpaste


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