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1st Giveaway by Taochenlay

klik banner kalau nak join

Start : 31st May 2014
End : When Kpoppers merchandise reach 5,000 likes or on 13th June 2014

* The deadline may change, please be alert
Target : More than 100 participants


Prizes :
1x Any Kpop Mini or Single Album - normal edition

LUCKY DRAW (9 winners)
1x Infinite/EXO T-Shirt
1x RM10 topup
2x Header for Bloggers
1x Event Card Set for Gurupop user

Notes : 
- More prizes will be added if the participants are more than 100 people
- Winners will be choose using random.org


1- Open for MALAYSIANS only.
2- Follow all the instructions given. Please be honest. 
3- Extra or fake accounts are not allowed.
6- Like Taochenlay.
7- Add or Follow Mariah Hwa.
8- Click these ads until it done loading. [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7]
9- Like : [page] [picture] [picture]


1- Like all the sponsors' facebook page  
Anyeong Kpop Shop ** (link will be provided later)

2- Follow all the sponsors' instagram account (a MUST to those who have it)
(@khairunnisahassan) ** (link will be provided later)

3- Follow all the sponsors' twitter account (a MUST to those who have it)

4- Follow all the sponsors' blog (a MUST to those who have it)

5- Tag at least 10 people or more to join this giveaway

7- Make an entry for this event
6- Leave your SNS accounts' username and entry link at the comment box below. 
Notes : 
- If you don't have an Instagram/Twitter, you can still join this giveaway but please state you don't have the account in your PM
- If you are a Gurupop user, state your username
- Please be honest. I'll check !

Winners will be announce on Taochenlay's page wall & blog
PM Taochenlay if you have any questions

SNS = Facebook/Twitter/Instagram/etc


  1. Hi :)
    I added a new rule to my giveaway
    Please take a look
    Thank you :D



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Terbuka renda tertanggal butang,
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Sila LA Lagi DATANG kemari.('',