8 Signs You Should Trade Your Old Phone For A New One

1. You look at your phone and you don't think 'sexy' anymore

2. Your phone screen is cracked. Reading texts and browsing Instagram photos are not easy. Besides, it's kinda tiring to keep explaining how you cracked it.

3. You can't download new apps because your phone runs on "old software"

4. It takes you hours to charge your phone but minutes to drain? The struggle is real

5. You take a 'selfie' but it seems like you took it with a potato, not a phone

6. Facebook takes 3 minutes to open, let's not even talk about Whatsapp. Everything you do makes you want to throw your phone to the wall.

7. Angry Birds? 2048? Flappy Bird? What games? Your phone loves playing games with your heart.


8. "Storage almost full". You have to delete 10 photos to take a new one.



  1. wow macam mane masukkan video nie

  2. kalau tak ada signs pun, kalau dah sampai seru nak tukar mesti tukar jugak...muahahaha...

  3. i'm still using my nokia c3 & i'm happy..! tp, keinginan nak tukar smart phone tu mmg ade la.. xdinafikan.


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