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Ambipur: Smelly Air to Smiley Air
wahh wangii sewangi taman..penuh dengan wangian bunga2..hurmm jom kawan kawann kita beli ambi pure...

Fragrant Spaces - Creating Olfactory Moods for your Rooms

Fragrant Spaces - Creating Olfactory Moods for your Rooms

 As anyone in love with fragrances will tell you, scents are both evocative and mood-creating. Here are some scent suggestions to help your living areas smell good.

Flower Power
Soothing and relaxing floral fragrances like lavender and geranium are recommended for the bedroom, your special place of rest. Dot perfumed candles in those scents around the room and prepare to unwind. To enhance the ambience and give yourself a more pampering experience, you could also apply body crรจmes in similar scents.
Mint Hint
If you need to work from home or would like to encourage your children to be focused while doing their school work, you can burn a peppermint essential oil in the study room - the stimulating aroma will invigorate the senses and help you all to stay alert at the same time.
Citrus Burst
Refreshing and uplifting, citrus scents are ideal for bathrooms and lavatories as they not only keep the air fresh but also have anti-bacterial properties. As scented candles might not last in such environments where water will be splashed about, you could use an air freshener like Ambipur Air Effects, which goes one step further with its odour-elimination technology that removes unpleasant smells while perfuming the air. Try Ambipur Sweet Citrus or Blossoms & Breeze; a spritz or two is all it takes to maintain their fragrance.

Clean Scene
Kitchens generally do not need a fragrance boost, given the food aromas that drift in and out of this space. Nonetheless, a clean scent such as Ambipur Linen & Sky is perfect for the kitchen dustbin area – it keeps that region smelling fresh even as it takes away unwelcome odours. Its crisp notes are great for the laundry room too.
Tropical Pick
For something a little exotic whilst you entertain or simply to liven up your living room, try Ambipur Tropical Thai Fruit, a zesty concoction that is reminiscent of an idyllic tropical vacation.
The possibilities are endless with aromatic accessories; have fun exploring the right scents for your home!


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