5 Things That Happen To Your Coffee Before You Drink It

1. The quality of coffee beans are first analyzed and checked. Only the best beans are selected, while imperfect beans are rejected.

  • Top grade coffee beans are imported from places like Indonesia, Vietnam and Brazil, but not all beans will make the cut. The coffee beans are first checked and analyzed by the Quality Assurance Department. High quality beans are selected for sorting and washing, while the imperfect beans are rejected. Only the best beans are used in production.

2. Green coffee beans are roasted at 418 ̊C until it becomes a beautiful brown

  • Green coffee beans are roasted at a fixed temperature of 418 ̊C for 12 minutes every cycle, turning it into the beautiful brown colour. The freshly roasted coffee beans are then cooled for 12 hours to fully release the carbon dioxide produced during roasting.

3. The perfectly roasted coffee beans are grinded and boiled to produce concentrated liquid coffee

  • Once it is perfectly roasted, the coffee beans are sent for grinding to produce the liquid coffee. The liquid coffee is strained to remove fine impurities, and it is then brought to a boil at 170 ̊C to increase its concentration.

4. To preserve the authentic coffee aroma that is lost during the roasting process, aroma essence is extracted from the coffee beans before it is lost

  • The coffee loses its aroma throughout the roasting and boiling process, but a unique aroma recovery technology helps to restore it. The aroma essence is extracted from the coffee beans before it is lost and then reinjected back into the coffee powder at the final stage. This gives an authentic aroma in every cup of coffee. The only coffee manufacturing factory that owns this technology in Malaysia is SUPER.

5. Lastly, liquid coffee is transformed into soluble coffee powder when it goes through the Spray Dry tower at an extreme pressure and heat of 206 ̊C

  • How does liquid coffee transformed into soluble coffee powder? Using the Spray Dry machine. The Spray Dry tower is 12 storeys high. As liquid coffee travels down the machine at an extreme pressure and heat of 206 ̊C, it turns into coffee powder.

Alternatively, it can also be transformed into coffee granules using the Freeze Dry technique

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  • Liquid coffee can also be turned into coffee granules when it is put through the Freeze Dry technique. Concentrated liquid coffee is cooled using carbon dioxide and nitrogen at -45 ̊C. The coffee will completely solidify into slabs that will then be broken into granules using a machine.

  • However, the remaining ice in the freeze-dried coffee granules have to be quickly removed before it melts and completely ruin the coffee. The coffee granules are quickly put in an extreme vacuum condition for 6 hours at the temperatures ranging from 40 – 80 ̊C. In the vacuum chamber, the sublimation process will remove moisture by turning crystallised moisture into water vapour.

  • SUPER is one of the few F&B companies in the world that has the ability to operate a premium soluble freeze-dried coffee (FDC) powder plant in Malaysia.

There you go! The next time you reach for your simple cup of instant coffee, remember that it went through complex processes to become the super delicious cuppa you enjoy today.



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