Remember 0.3 megapixel phone cameras?

Or how these cheesy screen savers excited you?

Your choice of mobile phone game was once limited to either Snake or Congkak

GPRS and EDGE were the fastest Internet speed known to your naive mind

Losing your infrared connection because someone accidentally moved the phone frustrated you

Equally aggravating is getting lost in unfamiliar roads because your GPS is broken or not updated

You had to wait till you get home before you could go on Friendster

If you had a burning question or needed song lyrics, you had to wait until you had Internet before you could look it up

But you could only use the phone OR the Internet

You also thought dial-up Internet was super fast. It only takes two days to download a movie!? WOW.

No wifi. How did you even survive without wifi?

Are you still suffering with data problems in the 21st century? You only need One Plan.


  1. omg..soo trueeee..btw, handphone nokia yang tengah connect infrared kat atas tu sama macam handphone yang AB tengah guna sekarang..Nokia E72..hahahahha


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,")..Terima Kasih kerana sudi utk memberi sepatah dua kata dekat ana yer...
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Sila LA Lagi DATANG kemari.('',

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