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15 Karater Muka yang Awesome


1. Mr. Men was created in 1971 by a man named Roger Hargreaves

2. The first character, Mr. Tickle was inspired by his son, Adam who asked him what a tickle looked like

3. A Mr. Men book would have just cost you RM1.05 back in 1971. Buying the same book today will cost you RM13.

4. Despite initial rejections from publishers, Mr. Tickle made it into bookshops in 1971, along with Mr. Greedy, Mr. Happy, Mr. Nosey, Mr. Sneeze and Mr. Bump.

5. The books did so well that it sold one million copies in 3 years

6. In the original books, each character comes from a different town. Mr. Happy comes from Happyland, Mr. Silly and Mr. Nonsense live in Nonsenseland.

7. Roger's widow Christine sold the rights to the series in 2004 for a whopping RM146 million, making her Little Ms. Loaded!

8. Mr. Cheeky was created by a then 8-year-old Gemma Almond in 2001, who beat other entries in a competition. A portion of the proceeds went to a charity to support children with leukaemia.

9. Stella McCartney, the daughter of Paul McCartney of the Beatles is the only person to have a Little Miss book written about her

10. When Roger Hargreaves passed away in 1988, his son Adam took over the series. He wrote four books based on characters developed by his dad before making his own character, Mr. Cool in 2003.

11. A Mr. Men book is bought once every 2.5 seconds and Mr. Tickle, the first Mr. Men remains the most popular

12. In 1981, the Little Miss series was born, the first character being Little Miss Bossy

13. Some of the characters in the books have changed to better versions of themselves. Mr. Grumpy became happy, and Mr. Uppity became polite and generous.

14. Roger Hargreaves' favourite book is Mr. Silly, because of his silly behaviour

15. Some of the Mr. Men characters go by different names in the United States. Mr. Jelly is known as Mr. Nervous and Mr. Mean is known as Mr. Stingy.

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kalau u all sila bawa duit RM7 ramai2 pergi ke McDonal okey....

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