15 Of The Most "Geng" Places You Can Take A Selfie

Because taking selfies in conventional places is too mainstream.
Dubai skyscraper rooftopping selfie

1. When you are just about to cliffdive

2. Under the sea while having a whale of a time

3. At a bull race festival. Hope the animal is not a bull-y.

4. When you skydive from a hot air balloon

5. In your bathroom while you're on fire because you're hot stuff

6. Right inside an alligator's mouth. Snap!

7. On top of a skyscraper

8. In a fighter jet at 33,000 feet

9. When you're in a race car. But please don't do this when you're driving!

10. At a zoo next to your new bro, the cheetah

11. In space. One small snap for man, one giant leap for selfies.

12. At a football stadium, especially when you win the World Cup

13. At a graduation ceremony. Your degree in selfie is complete.

14. When you travel back in time into 1920

15. On top of Mount Everest

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