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Alien Yang Tidak Bercakap

Have a problem? With these life hacks, nothing is a problem!

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1. Keep track of your pet tortoise by securing a brightly-coloured helium balloon around it

2. Don't have a grill? Use the spare trolley in your store room for a fun barbeque time.

3. You don't need to fix that broken doorbell, all you need is an empty bottle and some rocks

4. Grill up to 20 sausages at one go by using a rake

5. Stop yourself from snoozing by gluing sharp thumb tacks on the snooze button of your alarm clock

6. Add toothpaste to your food to freshen your breath while you eat

7. A simple rubber band could help you save money on a hands-free kit

8. Fix broken headlights by taping a bunch of torchlights together

9. Plastic spork razors!

10. Your MAC doubles up as a cheese grater too

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  1. yangg buatt buat chesee tuu dengan turtle tu paling best skalim hahah. style2 :3


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