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Malaysia's Education UK exhibition 2014

Malaysia's Education UK exhibition 2014

The Education UK exhibition is coming soon!

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8 & 9 November 1pm - 6pm Hall 4, Ground level, Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre 83

  • The list of UK institutions can be found here and the full seminar schedule can be found here
  • A chance to meet and listen to two respected figures in Animation and Game Design: Hugo Sands* and Ian Livingstone CBE** on Saturday at 1:15p.m.
  • There will be seminars on Architecture, Biosciences, Business, Engineering, How to get into Top UK Universities, Law, Mass Communications, just to name a few
  • Malaysians intending to pursue a taught Masters (not including MRes / MPhil / PhD) should watch out for the Chevening Scholarship 2015/16. Application opens 1st August.

Pre-register  for the privilege of entering the exhibition hall 15 minutes ahead of our official opening time and to enter the lucky draw. Please note we are using Eventbrite for pre-registration this time therefore please go through the steps of registration.

Note: if you encounter an incident where you are not brought to our Eventbrite pre-registration web page, please notify us by emailing us at kualalumpur.education@britishcouncil.org.my
Hugo Sands* former managing producer of Passion Pictures - an internationally renowned, innovative, and Academy Award-winning animation studio - which portfolio includes works with Gorillaz, Coca-cola, Rockband and Compare the Market 
Ian Livingstone CBE** one of the founding fathers of the UK's gaming industry, launching the world renowned Dungeon & Dragons series and Lara Craft: Tomb Raider

Read our latest Education UK newsletter here!

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