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Nice with Cathay and TGV cinemas every Friday for Citi Clear Card holders.



Halloween Horror Nights 4 @ Universal Studios Singapore

If you plan to skip the usual pub crawling, and leave the kinky schoolgirls, nurses and kittens to be devoured by the douchebag werewolves, Michael Jacksons and Batmans; then you should consider getting the hell out of KL altogether because that’s what everyone will be doing come October 31st. Take our lead and go old school with a trip down to Singapore’s Universal Studios for Halloween Horror Nights 4. This year’s theme Demoncracy plays out the worst fears of President Obama – coming face-to-face with a hellish Putin (the “Minister of Evil”) on a bad hair day. If that doesn’t scare you, then pay evil spirit Jing a visit at Hua Xing Secondary School or enroll in the aptly named Mati Camp for some Halloween-style NS training. With 4 new haunted houses and 4 new scare zones, Halloween Horror Nights 4 at Universal Studios Singapore will be laying down one heck of a fright night.



Coincidentally, Halloween falls in the month of October which also sees Oktoberfest in town, lest the over-zealous ruin it. So with plenty of parties happening in town, you’d be spoilt for choice. Zouk, being a KL clubbing mainstay with 4 different rooms and a roof garden, will have a couple of surprises for the party-goers as well. You can expect full blown Halloween dΓ©cor to the theme of ‘Dawn of the Dead’ along with dressed up dancers, and patrons who themselves are decked to the nines in gore and glitter. Skip the queue of zombie douchebags and waltz right in the VIP lane with a Citibank Clear Card, then buy a round for your pack.
Zouk Halloween 


A Haunted House 2

Okay, enough scary sh!t, let’s turn the dial to some comedy. If you’re a fan of the spoof genre, A Haunted House 2 should be on your list this month. Marlon Wayans reprises his role as Malcolm who, after exorcising the demons of his ex, is starting fresh with his new white girlfriend and her two kids. Expect on-the-drop punchlines typical of Wayans as the movie pokes fun of recent box office flicks. What?! You say all spoofs have been the same since the Scary Movie franchise? Well, don’t let Handi-Man hear that or he’ll whoop your… forgive us, just reliving our favourite In Living Color sketch.
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Say whutt? Score 1-for-1 movie tickets at GSC, Cathay and TGV cinemas every Friday for Citi Clear Card holders. 


Plan B

Fret not ‘cause there’s always a Plan B. And Christmas being the next big event on the calendar means you’ve got a chance to win back your love or at least pick yourself up from the dumps and be social again. Apart from an awesome menu, Plan B is good place to start because you can use it for laidback dates as well as friendly gatherings. Occasionally and accidentally, when the two types of events come together, you might wonder if your love-life really is one big episode of FRIENDS. What with New Year coming, how are we not to get sentimental? Nevertheless, no one cares about whatever happened to Ross and Rachel, so just dig in the yummy food. And if you happen to have the Christmas spirit in you, doodle away on Plan B’s takeaway cups and Instagram them with #TheBIGChristmas #planb #thebiggroup for a chance to win CAKE (yes, this word deserves caps). Terms and conditions here.

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