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How To Master The Altelnativ Forum

#1 Register/Login
Click the icon in the top righthand corner and follow the prompts. Register and instantly earn 10 points.

#2 Set Username
Pick a super cool username and customise your profile.

#3 Check your email and complete registration
Make sure the email isn’t hiding in your junk folder.

#4 Read the Rules & Regulations and Terms & Conditions
If you are feeling bored.

#5 Choose a Category
Choose one that interests you. Bills bugging you? Disastrous dropped calls?

#6 Start Posting Questions
Click “Start New Topic”.

#7 Be Smart, Don’t Spam
Before starting a new topic check it doesn’t already exist. Duplicate topics will be deleted.

#8 Be Kind
Give good advice, don’t just look to solve your own problems. If you see someone else giving good advice remember to upvote them so they get points.

#9 Be Rewarded
Collect points on the forum when you become an Altel-er and post useful topics, give advice and invite friends. Just because we think you are great.
Yay, Now you’re Pro!
Its simple, but if your brain gets jam just visit our Helpdesk section

psttt: u all sila masukkan referrel name ana ya:-  ana_ainul

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