Sweet Jer Tengok Ana-Anak Makan Seperti Ini

1. The pleasure of snagging that last stick of fried sausage is SO REAL

2. Got my mouth wide open for PASTA!

3. Rice, gimme more RICE!

4. On a scale of 1 to Banana Kid, how much do you love bananas?

5. This kid had found her life's calling in noodles

6. Lift up the panda lid and... HAPPY!

7. Aww... look at his chubby cheeks!

8. Veges are good AND totally delish...!

9. There's always that one kid who tries to take a bite out of a fruit that's bigger than his face. :)

10. "Ma, look! My teeth are strong enough to bite through a carrot!"

11. Sometimes you forget your table manners in the middle of a really good meal, and it's okay...

12. Oops, busted with his mouth wide open

13. Mmm... all's right with the world again!

14. This meatball is huge and it's ALL MINE

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Catat Ulasan

,")..Terima Kasih kerana sudi utk memberi sepatah dua kata dekat ana yer...
Terbuka renda tertanggal butang,
Kebaya AcIk Ana butang selari;
Jika tiada aral melintang,
Sila LA Lagi DATANG kemari.('',

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