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love 4ever

A = absolutely adore each other
B = be best friends
C = compromise
D = discover new thing together
= encourage each other
F = forgive n forget
G gaze into each other's eyes
H = hold hands and hug a lot
 I = inspire and intrigue each other
 J joke n laugh and have fun
 K = kiss kiss kiss 
L =  love with all your heart 
M = marvel at each other's talens
N = nature each other's soul
O = overcome problem together
P = play games
Q = quiet each other's fears
R = remember the little things
S = say " I LOVE U" everyday
T = tale time for tenderness
U understand and care deeply
V = value everything you share
W = wish on stars together
X = x-press your true feeling
Y = yern for each other's touch
Z = Zzzzz in each other's arm

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,")..Terima Kasih kerana sudi utk memberi sepatah dua kata dekat ana yer...
Terbuka renda tertanggal butang,
Kebaya AcIk Ana butang selari;
Jika tiada aral melintang,
Sila LA Lagi DATANG kemari.('',