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Child sponsorship is a proven long-term solution to poverty.

It involves working with local staff and community leaders in impoverished areas to improve the well-being of children and their families through a holistic and integrated development programme.

​ ​How you can make a difference that works...
Children basic needs​When children have better access to basic needs it can mean...

- Education and the chance to go to school
- Clean water for drinking, cooking, and washing
- Healthcare and health education
- Enough food for a nutritious diet
- Reliable incomes through vocational training

Monthly sponsorship
For RM65 per month, you can help provide Asian countries children in need with access to the basics and change their future. For RM80 per month, Non-Asian countries children.

Through child sponsorship

Help to change a child's life...

Experience has taught us that the best way to change a child's life is to transform the world they lived in. As a child sponsor, your support will help to transform a child's world by addressing essential needs.

...by transforming the world they live in.

World Vision works with community groups and local governments to deliver development projects that are tailored to meet local needs and that can improve the well-being of all children and families living in that area, long term.

These lasting changes give your sponsored child and other children in the area the chance to grow into adults who can provide for themselves and their own children and contribute to their community.

Sponsor A Child

​ ​Do you know where World Vision's funds go?
​We work hard to make sure that all funds donated to us are used as efficiently and effectively as possible to bring maximum impact to children and communities in need.

The figure below show how World Vision Malaysia's funds were spent in 2012.

These funds go to support and carry out programs that benefit children and their communities. This includes our work here in Malaysia with some of the local NGOs. It also includes public awareness campaigns to change systems and policies that contribute to global poverty and injustice.

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