21 Bettle Car Awesome

  • 1. The one that looks like a thing from outer space

  • 2. Need to transport a football team? No problem!

  • 3. The watermelon beetle, perfect to cool down with on a sunny day

  • 4. Or you can opt for a hand-knitted one to keep you warm

  • 5. Go natural with this handcrafted wooden-scaled beetle, with a matching hat!

  • 6. How do you know if a Beetle is tough? It carries a giant lobster on its back

  • 7. We didn't know the Beetle is part of the rabbit family

  • 8. You can cut through the traffic using the Klang river with this beauty

  • 9. Just when you thought a Beetle couldn't get any tougher...

  • 10. Beetle in the front, Cadillac at the back

  • 11. Just look at the amount of details this Beetle has! The Volkswagen behind might be slightly jealous...

  • 12. Have you ever seen the Hello Kitty beetle in Malaysia?

  • 13. They say turtles are slow but slow and steady wins the race

  • 14. Those that say love at first sight is unrealistic should take a look at this Beetle. Her eyes are mesmerising!

  • 15. How about using the back of a Beetle for a trailer for your Beetle? Beetleception...

  • 16. Or using it as a getaway vehicle just like in Mad Max?

  • 17. Take your love for the Beetle to the next level by staying in it!

  • 18. But when you need that extra boost, you know that you can always attach a turbo charger at the back

  • 19. If you're into something more feminine and oriental, perhaps these flowered Beetle should be the one for you

  • 20. Fitted with 5,000 Swarovski diamonds and finished with wrought iron, this Beetle is worthy of a drive

  • 21. Of course, the list wouldn't be complete without the iconic Herbie!

  • The striped limited edition VW Beetle Bug, now available in Malaysia!


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