9 Most Potong Stim Phone Problems Known To Mankind

1. When you type a brilliant status on Twitter only to find out that you overshot it's 140 character limit and must decide which grammar mistake to commit

2. When you upload a very nice picture on Instagram but it fails to upload

3. When you wonder why your boyfriend or girlfriend took so long to reply you only to realise that you haven't pressed 'send' on your last message

4. When you're about to reply your friend through WhatsApp only to find out that you've reached your data limit

5. When you want to show your friend a funny video you once saw on YouTube only to wait awkwardly when the video buffers on your phone SLOWLY

6. When you're streaming your favourite football team's match on your phone only for it to freeze as your speed is throttled down

7. When you are excited to download a new game for your phone only to realise that the data required to download is huge and takes FOREVER

8. When you Waze the place that you want to go to on your phone and it keeps 'recalculating the route' EVERY. SINGLE. TIME.

9. When you want to stream your favourite songs from Spotify only for it to cut intermittently because your phone data signal went from 4G to snail mode


  1. no 1 tu selaluuu sangat kene..kene la buat singkatan kat mana2 words..140 characters punya pasal..


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