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15 Things Kids Do When They Really, REALLY Want Their Ice Cream

Kids can be a creative and funny bunch when they want ice cream...


1. They trip and fall like these two kids who heard the sound of an ice cream van

2. Sometimes, they love ice cream so much that they won't share it with anybody

3. However, they can at times be real nice to a friend and share their ice cream too

4. On the other hand, kids can do weird things, like rubbing ice cream on their face...

5. It is imperative that ice cream must not go to waste!

6. Stealing ice cream is frowned upon. Yes, adults occasionally act like kids too.

7. Kids will make sure that ice cream smells right before consuming

8. It's only natural that children throw tantrums sometimes to get what they want (like that new ice cream flavour)

9. On the flip side, they can turn into the most adorable beings ever and say please if they want to

10. Kids often bite off more than they can chew

11. Once in awhile, kids can be scary. "I SCREAM FOR ICE SCREAM"

12. They may become so tired from eating ice cream that the only way to stay awake is more ice cream!

13. Kids can be real smooth as well, sometimes they give you compliments that make your heart melt

14. For free ice cream, they will do all it takes, even if it means getting fooled by the ice cream man...

15. And if all else fails, crying helps

In conjunction with World Ice Cream Month, Nestle is organising a selfie contest! Find out more here

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