Which Type Of Malaysian Shopper Are You?

Are you the "Boss, best price" shopper, or the "I want to buy everything shopper"?
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1. The "Bulls Eye" Shopper

  • You target ONE thing to buy. You'll walk/cycle/drive/swim to the shop to buy that one thing and exit like an over-achiever.

2. The "I Don't Know What I Want But I'll Know When I See It" Shopper

  • You just want to be in the zone, to be surrounded by rows and aisles of beautiful items. You 'know' you want to get something, but you just don't know what yet. If you're given a whole day, you'll end up with not one, but three things you didn't know you needed!

3. The "Boss, Best Price?" Shopper

  • You're a serial hustler. Even if you could afford that RM69.99 power bank, you just HAVE to ask the poor guy at the counter for his 'best price'. To you, shopping is a test to see how good you are at pushing limits. "Okaylah,give you RM69!" Win.

4. The "The Sales Girl Makes Me Panic" Shopper

  • You're kind of claustrophobic around sales people. You dodge eye contact and get uneasy when they step up from nowhere asking, "Yes, may I helptchu?" You do better without them, and you're less likely to buy something when they're watching.

5. The "Let's Go Holiday In A Mall" Shopper

  • Your trip to the mall is basically a getaway. You go to the mall to experience winter "the aircon", sight seeing the attractions (the atrium and events in the mall), eat exotic food (Japanese for dinner) and go back home with souvenirs (maybe a baju). No need to go to some foreign land when you can do it in a mall!

6. The "Mata Besar" Shopper

  • Everything in the mall amazes you! A sale here, a sale there, it's like a theme park of fun and wonder at the mall. You want everything but there's not enough time, and money... You walk in the mall empty handed but come out of the mall with tons of bags while telling yourself this is the last time. You know it's a lie.

7. The "Free Samples" Shopper

  • You make the most out of every ringgit at the mall! Parking is expensive so you want to offset that by enjoying little 'perks' in the mall. You love the word FREE. Free popcorn? Free tissue? Free vouchers? You take it all! You never know when you can make use of it anyway. In the supermarket, you pinch off grapes to see whether it 'tastes nice'. Don't lie. We're watching...

8. The "Kao Dim Everything" Shopper

  • You want to make everything count. Time is money and money is time so you ensure that the only reason you go to a mall is to get things done. You first do grocery shopping before meeting up with a long lost friend after. Next, you do some banking at the ATM before getting a present for your parents at the gift shop. You wait for your girlfriend to arrive before watching a movie with her at night. All done in one day. Win.

9. The "I'm So Bored I Want To Go Home" Shopper

  • You're most likely a guy and you were probably dragged to the mall for two reasons:

    1. To drive
    2. To pay

    At the mall, you wander aimlessly with no purpose like a zombie amongst people. You love seats and you love your phone. Why can't she online shop?

Whatever type of shopper you may be, head on to Nu Sentral in KL for 'nu' shopping experiences that cater to your urban lifestyle and unique shopping preferences. It's just a stone's throw from KL Sentral!

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